At 130 km of Nestos River, for thousands of years has created a unique landscape that invites you to discover it.

Why visit Nestorochoria.
The reasons to come to Nestorochoria are many, but one is the main reason, the unspoilt nature.

The area of Nestos and Rodopi characterized by non intense human activity. Without industrial areas, factories and everything else to overload nature, you feel that you are in a wonderful place.

Try all the waters of the area after your meal, you will be surprised when you feel that it works as a digestive. Try to taverns vegetables to meat, the taste will be unforgettable.

As for the actions, all are the same everywhere, but is unique in a region where nature continues to change to benefit.
Some more reasons for your visit!
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    Dominates among the tall sharp the Forest Heidi and is the largest in the Balkans.
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    Dam of Treasure
    It is the largest in Europe and simultaneously creating a new wetland.
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    Perfect fishing spot
    Fishing in the clear waters of Nestos and you will be rewarded with the most delicious and fresh fish.
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    The degree of difficulty is such that all ages will enjoy all the routes.
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    Make Riding along the banks of Nestos and enjoy the green landscape of the river.
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    Hyde Forest
    In the virgin forest there are paths that you can enjoy with your car.